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Incontestable advantages:
  • The diameter of the discs permits to work very precisely.
  • The quick holding system ROLOCTM permits a quick exchange of discs.
  • The combination of fibre discs and Scotch-BriteTM nylon discs permits to obtain fast the desired finishing.
  • The excellent quality of the discs gives extraordinary performances and a long service life.
    The weld remains cold and does not turn blue.
  • The new Scotch-BriteTM SE discs can be used for sanding as well as for polishing!
  • Grinding of welds.
  • Deburring of mechanical parts.
  • Finishing of angles and edges.
  • Removal of corroson, paint and coatings.
  • Cleaning and polishing.
  • High standard finishing quality.

Sanding on flat surfaces (17)
Sanding rounded surfaces (20)
Machining of heavy metals and coatings (1)
Disks to finish (12)
Disc for deburring (5)
Disk cleaning (9)
Abrasive resin cloth (20)

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