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     Grinding stones and files : Abrasive Stones CARBSIL

Often used with petrol, the Carbsil stones are recommended for all operations on tempered steel, engravers points and matrixes.

This is the quality for the mechanic.

Color : grey/blue. Silicon carbide.




Article Nb. Shape Dimensions (mm) Grid Min. Qty
 K02/602 Square 6x100 Fine 1
 K02/604 Square 6x100 Medium 1
 K02/606 Square 6x100 Coarse 1
 K02/608 Square 10x100 Fine 1
 K02/610 Square 10x100 Medium 1
 K02/612 Square 10x100 Coarse 1
 K02/614 Square 13x100 Fine 1
 K02/616 Square 13x100 Medium 1
 K02/618 Square 13x100 Coarse 1
 K02/620 Square 13x150 Fine 1
 K02/622 Square 13x150 Medium 1
 K02/624 Square 13x150 Coarse 1
 K02/626 Square 16x150 Fine 1
 K02/628 Square 16x150 Medium 1
 K02/630 Square 16x150 Coarse 1
 K02/632 Square 20x200 Fine 1
 K02/634 Square 20x200 Medium 1
 K02/636 Square 20x200 Coarse 1
 K02/638 Triangle 6x100 Fine 1
 K02/640 Triangle 6x100 Medium 1
 K02/642 Triangle 6x100 Coarse 1
 K02/644 Triangle 10x100 Fine 1
 K02/646 Triangle 10x100 Medium 1
 K02/648 Triangle 10x100 Coarse 1
 K02/650 Triangle 13x100 Fine 1
 K02/652 Triangle 13x100 Medium 1
 K02/654 Triangle 13x100 Coarse 1
 K02/656 Triangle 16x150 Fine 1
 K02/658 Triangle 16x150 Medium 1
 K02/660 Triangle 16x150 Coarse 1
 K02/662 Triangle 20x200 Fine 1
 K02/664 Triangle 20x200 Medium 1
 K02/666 Triangle 20x200 Coarse 1
 K02/668 Round 6x100 Fine 1
 K02/670 Round 6x100 Medium 1
 K02/672 Round 13x100 Fine 1
 K02/674 Round 13x100 Medium 1
 K02/676 Round 13x100 Coarse 1
 K02/678 Round 16x150 Fine 1
 K02/680 Round 16x150 Medium 1
 K02/682 Round 16x150 Coarse 1
 K02/684 Half-round 6x100 Fine 1
 K02/686 Half-round 6x100 Medium 1
 K02/688 Half-round 6x100 Coarse 1
 K02/690 Half-round 13x100 Fine 1
 K02/692 Half-round 13x100 Medium 1
 K02/694 Half-round 13x100 Coarse 1
 K02/695 Half-round 16x150 Fine 1
 K02/696 Half-round 16x150 Medium 1
 K02/697 Half-round 16x150 Coarse 1

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