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Often used with petrol, the Carbsil stones are recommended for all operations on tempered steel, engraved points and matrixes.

This is the quality for the mechanic.

Color: grey/blue. Silicon carbide.




Article Nb. Shape Dimension (mm) Grid Min. Qty
 K02/028 Rectangular 150x50x25 Fin+gros 1
 K02/029 Rectangular 175x50x25 Fin+gros 1
 K02/030 Rectangular 200x50x25 Fin+gros 1
 K02/035 Rectangular 300x65x40 Fin+gros 1
 K02/055 Rectangular 175x50x25 Fine 1
 K02/056 Rectangular 175x50x25 Medium 1
 K02/057 Rectangular 175x50x25 Coarse 1
 K02/039 Round Ø 100x25 Fin+gros 1
 K02/044 Sur manche 250x35/25x16 Fin+gros 1
 K02/077 sur manche 350x40/32x35 Coarse 1
 K02/078 Sur manche 350x40/32x35 Fin+gros 1
 K02/052 Rhomb 150x16x7 Fine 1
 K02/075 A faux bâton 250x32x16 Fine 1
 K02/072 Cordonnier 250x32x20 Fine 1
 K02/064 Pointed 75x Ø 8 Fine 1
 K02/066 Graveur 55x22x5 Fine 1

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