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     Grinding stones and files : INDIGA Oilstones

The Indiga stones have always been called : «oilstones».

They are recommended for whetting wood-cutters, gouges, plane bits,...

Color : brown/yellow. Aluminium oxide.

For an optimum whetting, we recommend the use of a thin oil.



INDIGA oilstones

Article Nb. Shape Dimensions (mm) Grid Min. Qty
 K01/128 Rectangular 150x50x25 Fin+gros 1
 K01/129 Rectangular 175x50x25 Fin+gros 1
 K01/130 Rectangular 200x50x25 Fin+gros 1
 K01/155 Rectangular 175x50x25 Fine 1
 K01/157 Multishape 115x40x10/2 Fine 1
 K01/171 Pour gouges 115x45x10/3 Fine 1
 K01/172 Pour gouges 115x45x10/3 Medium 1
 K01/173 Pour gouges 115x45x13/5 Fine 1
 K01/174 Pour gouges 115x45x13/5 Medium 1
 K01/175 Pour gouges 115x45x6/2 Fine 1
 K01/176 Pour gouges 115x45x6/2 Medium 1
 K01/177 Pour gouges 150x40x10/3 Fine 1
 K01/178 Pour gouges 150x40x10/3 Medium 1
 K01/152 Rhomb 100x14x5 Fine 1
 K01/154 Pointed 75x Ø 8 Fine 1
 K01/162 Sculpteur 150x50x25x15/10 Fine 1
 K01/168 Graveur 55x22x5 Fine 1

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