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     Wire brushes : BROSLON abrasive nylon brushes

BROSLON is usable on metallic, non-metallic, synthetic and wooden materials.

The abrasive wire BROSLON is used with a lot of success for all active cleaning, brushing, removal of oxidation, deburring of threaded pieces, teetch of small gearing, small sections after being sawn,...

The abrasive wire penetrates in all forms, slots and grooves, providing they are wider than the diamater of the wire.

BROSLON = Long Time Use, uniform abrasive action, great flexibility. Dry or wet brushing. Does not stain the brushed surfaces. Good resistance to alkali acids and light acids. Ideal brushing speed +/- 22 m/sec., with light pressure and paying attention to not overheat.

BROSLON circular with a bore (14)
BROSLON circular on shaft (9)
BROSLON cup for angle grinder (2)
BROSLON cup on shaft (4)
Broslon Pencil Brush on shaft (2)

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